Han_FL Perfume Stick


Berat : 0,30 Kg

Ketersediaan : Tersedia

Rp 270.000


Perfume stick

Hand made

Korea best seller

Woman : 84, 114, 182

Man :74, 113

New : 200

74. Napoleon

[Cool and sweet active scent]

Main notes: Pineapple, Woody, Vanilla

Vibrant morning and neutral scent with a sporty feel.

A refreshing scent with a cool and sweet fragrance.

# Casual # Sporty 

84. Charming Woman

[Fresh sweet and cozy peach blossom scent] 

Main notes: Lemon, Peach Flower, Musk

Fruity floral fragrance with a subtle and sweet feeling.

A refreshing and sweet scent with lemon and peach blossom scents.

# Lovely # Fruity floral # Subtle floral scent # Refreshing


[Cool and fresh neutral scent] 

Main notes: grapefruit, sandalwood, patchouli

A neutral and sophisticated woody scent.

A refreshing scent with fresh grapefruit and aromatic feeling.

# Stylish # Woody # Neutral # Refreshing

114. Romantic bouquet

[fresh soap scent]

Main notes: Mandarin, Peony, Musk

A fresh, fresh floral fragrance.

A cool soapy fragrance with a sparkling feel.

# Pink # Soap Scent # Fresh # Acid-free

182. Sweet Love

[Fresh and sweet apple scent]

Main notes: Apple, Lime, Flower Lee Notes

A fruity floral fragrance with a lovely and sweet feeling.

The scent of apples blends in with a refreshing and subtle feeling.

# Apple # Lovely # Cozy # Fruity floral

200. So Sweet

[Cozy and sweet fruit shampoo scent]

Main notes: Passion fruit, rose

Fruity-floral scent with green note full scent.

A lovely, sweet fruity shampoo fragrance.

# Cute # Sporty # Lovely # Daily

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